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HEDS Art Exhibit

April 21, 2017 @ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

HEDS keeps looking for new ways to connect and explore diversity.  The Summit is featuring the ArtAbility and Arapahoe Community College Inclusivity and Diversity Milestone Project.  Merging these two art exhibits at the conference will provide us a new way to engage in diversity conversations.


ArtAbility seeks to celebrate and showcase the talent and art of individuals with disabilities. We are featuring art from individuals with a wide variety of disabilities including physical/systemic illnesses or disabilities, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, cognitive, psychological/mental health, vision, deaf/HOH, physical and chronic illnesses.

Arapahoe Community College Inclusivity and Diversity Milestone Project:


In a moment, inspired by the increasingly tragic news stories of 1998, the idea for Milestones was born by founders Michele and Dr. Richard Steckel. In essence, the project focused not on what divides us – and the hatred that often ensues – but on what unites us.

In this mission, the Steckel’s became photographers, traveling the globe to take pictures of children, and their families, experiencing the same milestones with the same sense of pride, accomplishment, and wonder.

girls and women of different cultures

Photos provided by:

This mission ultimately became their contribution – to promote tolerance and diminish hatred in this world.

In the spring of 2017 a new journey takes place as the Steckle’s donate the Millstones Project to Arapahoe Community College Foundation. The mission remains the same as the exhibition travels worldwide increasing awareness of diversity and inclusivity.

This is the only project of its kind determined to heal the world’s divisions by simply sharing the undeniable pictures of our common humanity.

These photographs capture moments ranging from losing our first tooth, taking our first step, to making our first friend but they also capture the fact we are members of a single global family. If you picture a world of love and understanding, these pictures help make that vision real.

From books to puzzles to teaching tools and exhibits, we invite you to discover how the Milestones Project can help you and others ‘picture a better world.’


King Center – Concert Hall
855 Lawrence Way
Denver, CO 80204 United States