The proposal submission is closed.

Program review and selection in underway and will be available shortly.

Submit a Session Proposal


Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal. Each proposal will go through a formal review process with feedback being sent to the lead presenter. The last day to submit a proposal is August 3, 2018. Session proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

Connection to the 2018 Higher Education Diversity Summit theme: “Tipping Point: Advocacy to Action”

Clearly stated session goals or learning outcomes

Engaging formats that involve the audience and stimulate discussion

Incorporation of experiential knowledge and participatory learning techniques

Proposals grounded in research and/or practical experience

Incorporate the principles of Universal Design for Learning strategies that can engage all participants in the session

Proposals that encourage the application or replication of information by the participants following the Summit in real life

Presenters will be asked to provide the following in the submission portal:

A Title that identifies the scope of the session’s content in 100 characters or less, including spaces.

An Abstract that captures the essence of the topic and provides your potential audience with a brief description of what the session will cover. Abstracts should be 100 words or less. Abstracts should be engaging and clarify the contribution of the topic to the field. All abstracts will be used in the Higher Education Diversity Summit Program, which is given to each attendee and posted on the website.

A Session Description provides an in-depth look at the content of the session presentation or workshop. Session descriptions should be limited to 300 words. A complete description should include:

Overview and scope of the session
Extent to which the audience will participate in the session
Theoretical, conceptual, methodological, or practical grounding of the session in research or practical experience
A summary of any activities being incorporated
Naming any potential target audiences

Selection of a Summit Content Area

Goals and Learning Outcomes should be clearly defined and clarify the expectations of the presenter and address the skills or knowledge that participants will gain from the session

A statement addressing the connection between the session and summit theme and content area

Provide the strategies that you will use to engage participants by incorporating the principles of Universal Design for Learning (workshop only).

A short Biography of each presenter that communicates their expertise (100 words or less for each presenter)

Don’t forget, the last day to submit a proposal is August 3, 2018.