Passing the Torch

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”         -Martin Luther King Jr.

Written by: Kylie Henson

With MLK Jr.’s Birthday occurring this last Monday, we observe who he was and recognize the legacy he left behind. He fought and died for something he believed was right, and his legacy still lives on, purely because we are still fighting for his dreams to come true. As many participants did in the MLK Jr. Marade on Monday morning, we must accept the torch that is being passed from Mr. King to any human who strives for solidarity.

I wanted to share a quote with all of you that could accurately represent the feeling that many of us have right now due to political issues. In the end, this quote still holds true today and is something the American people are struggling with right now. Many people are trying to use hate and darkness to combat other hate and darkness, although that solves absolutely nothing. It isn’t until we can utilize love and light that our problems and struggles will be resolved.

Solidarity is defined as the unity or agreement of feelings/actions. Mr. King marched to find solidarity and even to create it & I challenge you to look for solidarity in your personal life, your work life, and even in our world.

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