Welcome to the Higher Education Diversity Summit:

We are excited to welcome you to the Higher Education Diversity Summit. This year’s Summit hosts an expansive collection of sessions that provide insights to diversity and focus on connecting theory to practice. Through attending the Summit, you can expect to gain knowledge, connections, and resources that can be applied right away.

The Higher Education Diversity Summit draws approximately 700 participants, expert speakers, and practitioners to Denver. The Summit has demonstrated that it is the “go-to” conference in Colorado, to dialogue, exchange knowledge, and generate innovative ideas to advance Inclusive Excellence. We hope that you take advantage of the networking opportunities and form lasting relationships with each other as we work toward the goal of meaningfully impacting our institutions, organizations, and communities.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Higher Education Diversity Summit and look forward to your contributions in the quest to promote diversity and inclusive excellence in our communities and beyond. Take care and remember, “You can have diversity without excellence but you can’t have excellence without diversity.”

Enjoy the Summit,

Myron R. Anderson, Ph. D.
Higher Education Diversity Summit Chair